From Fashion to Politics

Ola Nesheiwat Hawatmeh has made a name for herself in the business world as a successful entrepreneur, fashion designer, and political figure. However, what sets her apart from many others in her field is her dedication to philanthropy and her commitment to helping those in need. Hawatmeh has proven that success isn’t just measured by financial gains but by the impact that one can have on the lives of others.

Hawatmeh is the founder of Ola Style, a rapidly growing Urban-Chic clothing brand, and Mom Me Makeover, a unique personal styling company that helps mothers across the country embrace their styles and gain confidence. She has also established Makeover for a Cause, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals in challenging situations by helping them connect with their inner beauty and confidence.

As a first-generation American and mother of three, Hawatmeh understands many women’s challenges in the workplace and society. Through her companies, she strives to empower women and encourage them to embrace their individuality and style. Numerous organizations have recognized her efforts, including Alive magazine and SBM, which awarded her the Most Influential and Top Business Woman award. In 2017, she was also named Top Business Woman.

Hawatmeh’s commitment to giving back extends beyond her professional endeavors. She founded Survivor Fashion Week, a charity that allows fellow cancer survivors to walk as runway models and raises funds for cancer research. She also established Makeover For A Cause, which provides free makeovers to underprivileged women, military members, and their spouses.

Despite the many challenges she has faced, Hawatmeh remains dedicated to positively impacting the world. She stated, “Never give up and never give in.” This motto has guided her throughout her career, driving her to succeed and help others.

Hawatmeh’s passion for philanthropy and her entrepreneurial spirit have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers in the business world. She is a true inspiration, a role model to women everywhere, and a testament that success can be defined by the lives one touches for the better.