Survivor Fashion Week


Ola opened up on  The Allman Report recently about her faith, turning a negative into a positive, and her plan to apply her passion and profession to produce a fashion event that will help fellow breast cancer survivors.  It is to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.   This special fashion week will also raise money for breast cancer awareness and encourage women to seek out 3D ultrasounds rather than only relying on traditional mammograms.  In her thirties, and after doing a mammogram with negative results, the 3D ultrasound found and enabled Ola to seek out treatment before the cancer could progress any further.

Ola will be enlisting breast cancer survivors to walk the runway in pink and white.   Starting in St. Louis, Missouri, then on to Orange County, California, and finishing up in Houston, Texas, Ola Style Survivor Fashion Week is partnering with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help support and remind women how beautiful they are even with the battle scars!  Funds raised from Survivor Fashion Week will go back to Komen.

Ola hopes to turn this event into an annual occurrence as more sponsors begin to get on board the project.  The latest sponsor to come aboard is Laser Me Inc. 

In regards to Ola’s health, she underwent surgery on February 15, is recovering, and thankful to be cancer free, as stated in an interview with Sarah Kloepple of St.Louis Magazine.

“I feel like something good will come out of this,” she adds of her second cancer diagnosis. “There has to be.”

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